Despite the divided reception for “The Sims 4”, there are still some gamers pretty much hooked up to the life-simulation game. Like its predecessors, the game requires users to create their Sims tailored to their preferred traits and overall look.

This is the part which makes characters on “The Sims 4” stand out though some have stumbled upon limitations. A lot has to do with the Skin Tone depth where some are having trouble trying to come up with the best shade to complement their creation. Gamers look for darker skin tones at times, but the maximum level of doing so leaves a lot to be desired.

Is EA working on it?

EA has been known to listen to its fans so some adjustments could be made moving forward. The only problem is that this could likely come through some patch update or along with future DLC packs for added content.

With no certainty on when EA would address the skin tone requests, some talented individuals have come up with something in the Melanin Skin Tone Pack. Credit goes to YouTube content creator Amira, creating a website called “The Black Simmer.”

There are now over 16,000 members signed up, all aiming to create skin tones for folks looking for something different. Through their efforts, black-toned Sims has become a reality plus more. Folks who want to try their stuff will need to register first on the site.

After that, they can download the skin tone content.

Will it be safe?

Seeing that these creations are not technically official ones made for “The Sims 4”, trying them out may come with risks. So far, EA has not issued anything against the initiative though that does not assure that something may go haywire once applied.

Nevertheless, it does add a new flavor outside the efforts of the game developers.

One is bound to crop up at some point so the skin tone pack could serve as a reprieve (for now).

Adding content to “The Sims 4” has been rampant in the past months and most know how much ground the game developers have to cover. The actual characters are just one part of the mix with EA and company trying to broaden possibilities to uplift the life-simulation game.

At the rate things are going, it seems that attention on “The Sims 5” has somehow been overshadowed. There is no telling if a successor will come out with EA still trying to recover from the poor reception of the current version. The release of added content is welcome, and more official DLCs and updates are expected soon.