A new disruptive bug is causing serious problems to players of the augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go.” Just recently, in keeping true with its promise, Niantic Labs shut down the Gym in the game and made a massive rework. While it pleased players and made the game more interesting and engaging, it appears that the game developer has left something out that is now causing many problems in the game.

Gym bug

On Reddit’s subreddit, The Silph Road, LimboMan posted an alarming issue that has been causing problems to players. The Redditor particularly cited a bug in the “Pokemon Go” Gym that several players have already encountered.

According to him, every time a monster is added to the Gym, an error occurs. This would then result in a failure to add the creature, or when you check it, it is not visible in the Gym. If ever that the creatures were successfully added to the Gym, it earns a Defender status symbol.

Aside from those, there are instances when the gym badge overview page shows a Pikachu icon. This means that there is a creature defending it. However, upon clicking to visit the page, no monster can be found defending the gym. The sad thing is, given the fact that the monster is in reality not in the gym, it cannot be returned to the player by the one who defeated it. In other words, other players do not see the creature at the gym; as a result, they cannot defeat it. Moreover, the pocket monster becomes unusable in fights since it is labeled as a defender.

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Making matters worse, players will not be able to retrieve their monsters even if the gym is taken over by another team.

What the developer has to say?

The recently reported issue in the Gym has been going on for a week already. Currently, there is no information yet if Niantic Labs have discovered this issue or they have done something to resolve it. Many players have encountered this bug that has been looking for ways to solve the problem.

Some players have reported having tried to place another creature in the gym and have it defeated just to make it return to the player. The attempt was unsuccessful. As of press time, no solution has been discovered to solve this glitch.

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