Niantic Labs recently announced that Articuno will be finally released in “Pokemon Go.” This is following the feat of Team Mystic at the Chicago Fest where by the end of the challenge window, the team was able to catch the most number of pocket monsters.

How to beat the new creature?

Currently, Niantic Labs has released the Legendary monsters Articuno and Lugia in the game. While Lugia is the strongest pocket monster in the game so far, Articuno is the weakest among the Legendary Birds. However, it is worth noting that Niantic has made the creature a Raid Boss and its stats have already received a huge boost.

According to several sites, Rock-type creatures are the best for Legendary Raids. However, this might not work with the legendary bird since it has both Ice-type and Flying-type attacks. With most raids, it's a combination of luck and a solid strategy that leads to success. Here are some tips and tricks that might help to beat Articuno.

Tips and tricks

Among the wide variety of creatures in “Pokemon Go,” the top pick among players to use against Articuno is the Rock/Dark type creature Tyranitar.

The monster has both Stone Edge and Fire Blast, which are attacks that can deal massive damage to the legendary bird. For players who would like to build a team with Rock-type attacks, another creature that could be used is Kabutops. This monster is resistant to Articuno’s attacks since it is a Water-type pocket monster. In addition, it has Stone Edge access that can deal great damage to the legendary bird.

As an Ice-type and Flying –type pocket monster, Articuno has also its weaknesses. While it is already known that the bird is weak against attacks from Rock-type, as an Ice-type, it is also defenseless to Steel, Fire, and Fighting types of creatures. As for its Flying-type aspect, players can use Fire, Steel, and Electric attacks.

Apart from those, there are also other attacks that can do massive damage to Articuno. Among these are Overheat, Thunder, Flash Cannon, and Zap Cannon. Players can pick Charizard, Jolteon, Flareon, or Typhlosion. Moreover, pocket monster like Magneton can also be a good choice since it has access to Zap Cannon as well as to Flank Cannon.

Meanwhile, players can still get extra bonuses that Niantic Labs is giving away to “Pokemon Go” players until 9 AM (CDT) of July 24. There are double Star Dust and double Candy bonuses. Pokemon rate encounter is increased while players will also earn Double XP.