Niantic Labs has finally launched the heavily speculated and the most-awaited Legendary raids in the augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go.” The latest raid also brings in the arrival of two Legendaries, namely Articuno and Lugia. The fanbase is now figuring out many things about the new type of pocket monsters that are introduced to the game as well as how to deal with them in Raids. Among the interesting discoveries that players have reported recently is that it is possible to catch more than one Legendary creature that belongs to the same species.

Multiple legendaries

Recently there are confirmations from several players of catching multiple Legendaries that belong to the same species. This discovery is very interesting for several reasons. Among these includes the possibility of easier collecting of Candies than previously expected. It is worth noting that there used to be a concern among players that the Legendary type of pocket monsters requires being walked for 20 KM just to get one Legendary Candy. This could also mean that players will not anymore be concern about getting trapped with legendaries with lower moveset. Moreover, it also signifies a slight departure from the regular Pokemon games. Typically, players could only get one pocket monster of each legendary species in every game.

Change of plans and more bonuses

Initially, Niantic Labs said that Legendary Raids will be an exclusive and rare event. It appears that the game developer has a change of heart. The latest move is very understandable since the Chicago Fest has met several issues and many fans were initially disappointed. Obviously, to compromise with the fans’ disappointment, Niantic Labs announced that both Articuno and Lugia will be released in the game beginning 9 AM Eastern Time.

Aside from that the game developer also said that they will give each player who participated in the Chicago Fest a free Lugia, a refund for the ticket and $100 worth of PokeCoins.

Moreover, “Pokemon Go” will also give out bonuses to players until 7PM Central Daylight Time. These include Double Candy Rewards, Double Star Dust Rewards, and Double XP. Furthermore, pocket monsters encounter rate will be increased. The game will also decrease the hatching distance by one-third while reducing the Buddy distance to earn candies.

Legendary Raids

Currently, players across the globe are now actively engaged in the Legendary Raids in “Pokemon Go.” It seems that the legendary monsters are surfacing in high numbers all over the world. I will give you more updates about the augmented reality game as soon as information becomes available.