Much to the delight of avid gamers, Nintendo released the hotly anticipated "Splatoon 2" on Friday, July 21. The team-based third-person shooter video game pits players against each other in an arena that is immersed in ink and rife with the weapon using human-squid crossbreeds.

Just like other recently released Nintendo titles, "Splatoon 2" offer support for amiibo accessories. For those unaware, the Japanese video game company's expansive amiibo collection is part of NFC-capable figurines that comprise valuable standalone collectibles, an ideal way to receive content, bonus, or both.

Both amiibo sets from "Splatoon" and "Splatoon 2" are compatible with the game, with each figure unraveling gears that gives you abilities or more perks. That being said, it is imperative for players to bear in mind that they can only unlock one gear from an amiibo each day.

To scan, go straight to Nikopolis Square and look for an empty amiibo display case l back of the plaza. When you interact with the box, a menu will appear. Now, lay your amiibo on the right Joy-Con's NFC reader. This will open the amiibo's unique gear set. Here's what you will get with each specific amiibo.

Inkling Boy amiibo

When you scan "Splatoon 2" Inkling Boy amiibo, you will receive the Squinja Armor gear set, which comprises a pair of Squinja Shoes for footwear, a Squinja Suit for attire, and a Squinja Mask that can be used as the headgear.

Perks, on the other hand, include faster respawn, swimming speed boost, and special saver. When you scan Inkling boy from "Splatoon," you will get the Samurai Outfit gear set, which comprises Samurai Shoes, a Samurai Jacket, and a Samurai Helmet. You will also receive a slew of perks that include quick, super jump, special power increase, and special charge up.

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Inkling Girl amiibo

When you scan Inkling Girl from the recently released sequel to "Splatoon," you get Power Boots Mk1, a Power Armor Mk1, and a Power Mask Mk1. Perks include ink saver and radically overhauled protection from bombs.

Inkling Squid amiibo

If you scan Inkling Squid amiibo from "Splatoon," you will unlock the Power Armor gear set, which comes with Power Boots, a Power Armor, and a Power Mask.

Its perks include ink saver, heightened resistance to bombs, and quicker respawn.

Marie amiibo

Marie amiibo can be unlocked only after you beat the single player. It includes the Armor Replica outfit. In addition to that, it opens Armor Boot Replica, an Armor Jacket Replica, and an Armor Helmet Replica. From the original "Splatoon," Inkling Girl comes with School Shoes, a School Uniform, and a School Hairclip. Its perks are faster swimming, high recovery speed, and ink saver.

Callie amiibo

To unlock Callie's gear set, you need first to beat the single player. The Hero Replica Outfit brings in a Hero Runner Replica, a Hero Jacket Replica, and a Hero Headset Replica. Its perks are a faster super jump, faster running, and swifter swimming. "Splatoon 2" is currently up for grabs on the Nintendo Switch.