Marvel’s game division has talked about the turnaround with its products as of late, including Square Enix’s forthcoming “Avengers” project and Insomniac Games’ latest “Spider-Man” game for PlayStation 4.

Speaking with Heroic Hollywood, Marvel Games president Mike Jones revealed that they had big plans for the game division. "We have a roadmap and have set our goals,” Mike explained.

Marvel has some exciting plans for VR games

According to Jones, Marvel has some incredible games lined up across multiple consoles and devices. The company is very active in terms of finding the best matches for its properties.

Jones continues, “Various partners come to us and tell that they are passionate about a character or have some fantastic ideas.”

Sometimes the company shakes hand with high-profile developers for particular projects, and other times, it has to manage with inexperienced workers. For Marvel, the accomplishment of its projects and their quality matter a lot. Mike Jones also says that Marvel is planning a lot of things for “Spider-Man” and “Avengers” Video Games. They will pair the right characters and the right franchises with the best game developers.

Working on different projects at a time

Marvel is currently busy in the development of several video games, all of them are set around “Avengers,” “Spider-Man,” “The Defenders” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Though there is no information about their date, fans can expect their release in coming months.

Plus, the company is working on a video game universe that will mirror the MCU. It would not be wrong to say that Marvel has finally taken an honest stab at making videos games set in the Marvel Universe.

Instead of quick cash-grabs riding on the coattails of onscreen adaptations, the studio is trying something different: a separate game universe that can stand on its own. Jones reveals that Marvel Studios decides who directs its movie based on its genre, characters, and story type.

‘The Batman: Arkham’ games inspire Marvel

Marvel’s inspiration has come from “The Batman” Arkham” video games, and it’s been taking a lot of notes on what does and does not work for the films and games in recent years.

While Mike admits in the Gamespot interview that Marvel has been influenced by the “Arkham” game series, he says the influences are more conceptual than anything.

I think this kind of attitude is a great first step toward a profitable business. What are your views in this regard?