A few hours ago, several gamers using the Japanese gaming console, PlayStation 4 reported getting an error message while trying to connect online. The same was reported about Playstation Network. While gamers are left wondering about the latest issue, Sony released an official statement about the pressing matter.

Latest issue

On Reddit, several gamers posted their latest experience of encountering error codes NP-35000-8 or WS-37432-9 while trying to use their PlayStation 4 online. The latest issue appears to be the result of unplanned maintenance on the PSN.

The network is down for maintenance and an outage is taking place in PS4. The most recent issue was confirmed by the Japanese gaming titan on PSN’s official status page saying some of their services are experiencing issues. According to Sony, players might encounter difficulty launching applications, games, and other online features. It adds assurance to its users that engineers are taking care of the problem and will resolve the issue as soon as possible. It further thanked the players for their patience with the latest situation.

Who is affected?

It appears that the issue has also affected other regions. Among the areas reportedly affected are Japan, United States, Great Britain, and South East Asia.

Gamers reported that some of them were able to stay online but the problem was when the round or match ended, they are immediately disconnected to the network. While Sony tries to downplay the services affected, most users reported that almost all their major services on all major platforms are affected.

This means aside from PlayStation 4, PS3 and PS Vita users are also experiencing the same.

Sony has not revealed the cause of the latest outage. This is a first in several months. Hopefully, with the company’s tech people looking into the issue, services will be back soon.

One player is complaining that the recent issue caused his console to freeze while playing an online game. As a result, he had to reinstall the system software.

Another player reported getting booted out of the game. Others reported not being able to log in while their friends are still able to do so.

Latest update as of 2:30 AM ET

As stated on the PSN official status page, all services in PlayStation 4, 3, Vita and PSN are now back and working. This includes Account Management, Gaming And Social, PlayStation Now, Video, Vue, Store, and Music. We will closely monitor the recent issue and update our readers if anything changes.