After having been allowed to continue its operations, the developers of the OpenIV modding tool has now made a public announcement that both contained some good news and some bad news for the entire "Grand Theft Auto" modding community. Following the retraction of Take-Two Interactive's cease-and-desist order, the developers have revealed that they will no longer be continuing with the release of the highly anticipated Liberty City mod for "Grand Theft Auto 5."

The good news

In a recently published statement, the OpenIV team thanked the fans and everyone that had supported them throughout the trying times.

The team further explained that what they have done will forever be cemented in PC gaming history and it was able to show the world that modding is still a very big part of how players enjoy games such as "Grand Theft Auto."

The team then reiterated its stand against the use of modding tools for online gameplay and online hacks, specifically for "Grand Theft Auto Online." They have apparently never supported it and have no plans to support it at any point in the future.

The Bad News

In a sad turn of events, the recent deal that the team had made with Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive has now meant that they will have to abandon the highly anticipated "Liberty City" mod for the latest "Grand Theft Auto" title.

The mod apparently contradicts Rockstar's modding policy and is in direct violation of its copyright, which meant that the team had really no choice in the matter. The developers expressed their disappointment in the decision as they had actually put a lot of Hard Work and effort into building the mod and now they have to throw it all out the window.

A game within a game

The highly awaited mod was supposed to add the entire metropolis of Liberty City from "Grand Theft Auto 4" into the latest game. It would have essentially existed alongside Los Santos just across the water and players would have been able to travel from one city to the other seamlessly. The original plan of the team was to release the mod as a single-player downloadable content (DLC).

The mod would have been released this summer were it not for the entire issue with Take-Two Interactive. The team expressed its joy for its OpenIV tool still being operational and used by countless players, but when it comes to future mods, the team is still pretty much revising their plans in light of everything that has happened.