Persona 5” is a great video game to play this year and it could be one of the best ones out there that you should be trying out at least once. Before going into this though, players should accept the fact that this is a classic Japanese Role Playing Game or a JRPG, which means players will have to take turns, use items, magic, level up their stats, and much more. It has other features as well, which is why they should prepare first before they play this awesome game.

Build up protagonist’s relationships

If players are going to play this video game without a full guide, then what they should first is to build up the relationships around him, especially his teammates.

Gaining their trust and leveling up their relationship status gives the protagonist and his teammates an advantage, and those same teammates could even gain new abilities. Also, if he deepens the bonds of those around the protagonist that has a certain arcana, he can unlock more Personas that way, and they could become more powerful than before.

Players should focus more on one person first than spreading around befriending everyone. What this means is they should prioritize one character first to maximize their level of relationship and then move on to the next one afterward.

Buy drinks that restore HP and SP whenever possible

All over the areas of “Persona 5,” there are several vending machines scattered, which sells different kinds of drinks.

While some of them restore just a few hit points, they are cheap to purchase, and some of these drinks restore skill points as well, which are expanded to use magic and other skills. These are essential restorative items in battle, which should not be ignored and can be used in emergency cases since other restorative items in other shops tend to be quite expensive.

Purchase second to the best weapons and equips first

At the early stages of the video game, it might be difficult to earn cash due to the limited methods. For that, they should only aim to purchase second to the best weapons, armor, and accessories first before they get the best ones since they are expensive. Accessories are optional to purchase so they can be set aside for now.

Set up schedules properly

In the early stages of “Persona 5,” players will have to meet up with certain individuals, go to dungeons, go to work, and even sleep on time, which is its limitations in it. They are not advised to just go blindly on doing other things because they might just miss something important within that day. For that, it is important to set up a good schedule for each thing do, but also explore the surroundings a bit.

The best way to do this is to save a file first before trying out one situation and going to another one. Players can just reload the save file again if they feel like they missed an opportunity before they did the first one. While it can eat up a lot of time, it can also save them from a lot of mistakes that might snowball near the end.

Check out the "Persona 5" Accolades Trailer below.