Blizzard Entertainment has created an outstanding success with their first team-based shooter. “Overwatch” was released back in May 2016 and has already reached over 30 million users across the globe. Analysts from the video game industry have attributed the game’s overwhelming popularity to its amazing after-market support. The development team has continuously supported the FPS with regular updates and balance changes. Now, it has been speculated that a Game of the Year edition will become available later this week.

New content along with special occasions

Additionally, they also keep the gamers engaged with seasonal events. Players also look forward to new heroes and cosmetic items which are regularly expected from the developers. Along with the Game of the Year edition, “Overwatch” fans are expected to welcome the new hero called Doomfist later this week, as he finally leaves the PTR (Public Test Region) and joins the regular game world. Just recently, data-miners have uncovered hints that the Summer Games limited time might on the way soon. Blizzard has also shared a developer update video for the new hero along with his backstory.

Bonus Loot boxes for new players

Along with the discounted price of the GOTY (Game of the Year) version of the successful team-based FPS, players will also receive ten bonus Loot Boxes.

Users should note that these are just regular boxes are similar to the ones earned in-game. These randomly-generated rewards may include victory poses, sprays, voice lines, highlight introductions, skins, emotes, and credits.

'Diablo III' Wings

Buyers also receive a pair of wings that can be used when playing “Diablo Iii.” These are designed to look like the ones Mercy has on her back.

These wings are just cosmetic and do not give bonus stats or effects for players. However, it does flaunt the fact that the user plays “Overwatch.”

'World of Warcraft' and 'Heroes of the Storm' content

WOW” and “HOTS” players will get to enjoy a new pet and a new hero respectively. Players of the former game will receive a Baby Winston pet to accompany them in their adventures through Azeroth.

Meanwhile, users of the latter title get to use Tracer within the game.

Origins skins

The Game of the Year edition for “Overwatch” also includes skins for several heroes. Tracer gets her Slipstream outfit, Soldier 76 becomes Strike Commander Morrison, Bastion gets his Overgrown skin, Reaper goes back to Blackwatch Reyes, and Pharah receives her Security Chief Skin.