Persona 5” has quickly captured the hearts of gamers, proving once again that Atlus is a remarkable developer in the industry. Also, this further boosts the franchise’s influence in the gaming world. This is definitely something that most players will agree to.

Still, like any other titles, “Persona 5requires sufficient knowledge in order to understand its basics and mechanics. The Social Stats, in particular, bring significance to the overall gameplay experience of players. However, if they fail to understand its importance, they are likely to go south.

Why Social Stats are plain important

In its most organic form, the Social Stats system increases with every action from players. This is most especially with how they decide to spend their free time. It is worth noting that the system does not work similarly with EXP, as this one here only increases in fighting and exploring areas. Experience points also increase slowly, though it really depends on which characters players interact to. Other factors that greatly affect EXP include food and media, among others.

Going back to Social Stats, “Persona 5” players must achieve a certain level for their Confidante and Social Links in order to progress past the fifth Rank. This alone should be enough for them to put significance on this system.

Fortunately, there are bunch of ways to increase the stats in the game.

Increasing Guts, Charm and Knowledge

Guts in the game can be increased simply by paying Tae Takami a visit and participating in one of her medical trials. Players can even resort to ordering a coffee at the Shibuya diner just to increase this particular stat.

As for Charm, one surefire way to increase it is by taking a bath in a bathhouse. If they decide to save this for either a Monday or Tuesday, they are most likely to earn three additional points instead of the usual two. Doing well in those various exams can also help in earning more Charm points.

As for the Knowledge stat in “Persona 5,” the easiest way is to simply answer the multiple questions in a class.

It does not have to be answered perfectly, but at least, a decent amount of correct answers must be acquired. If they want to earn extra points, they just have to answer those questions on a TV show quiz in Leblanc. Simple as that.

Increasing Proficiency and Kindness

Proficiency points can be acquired through room crafting. Doing so in “Persona 5” will result to either two or three added points. It is worth noting that there is no exact number, as it appears randomly. However, the higher the Proficiency level of a player, the higher the points he will likely to obtain.

Last but not the least is the Kindness stat. Here, “Persona 5” players may decide to feed the plant with the so-called Bio Nutrients. The plant, in particular, can be found in their rooms. If they wish to acquire more points, they can resort to using the more expensive food plant called Organic Nutrients.