The modern-day "shot heard round the world" shocked some of the most seasoned and devoted "Overwatch" players. This shot manifested itself as one of Doomfist's newly misnamed skins: Cheetah. This cheetah skin error was evident by the spots. Doomfist's skin contained leopard prints instead of a cheetah. What's the difference? Leopards contain a unique dot pattern while cheetahs simply have black dots. Oops...well, this is awkward.

The people's response

Thankfully, "Overwatch" gamers took to online forums to express their distrust and outrage of Blizzard's error.

There is a deep level of trust between gamers and developers that cannot be violated. This order was maintained and respected until now. Blizzard quickly corrected their mistake changing the name from "cheetah" to "leopard." Bravo, Blizzard.

However, will this be enough to silence and calm the masses? "Overwatch's" top brass visited the Blizzard forum in hopes of doing so. Michael Chu, "Overwatch's" lead writer, stated in a brief post: "But he's got the fist that goes crunch! (please forgive us)."

This public apology might have been enough for some casual fans. Only the true veterans and "Overwatch" loyalists understand the pain. If Blizzard cannot differentiate animals, how can we trust them!?

Comments on the Blizzard forum demonstrate my fellow gamers' outrage.

"Oh my god, Blizzard please" was posted by Notte, who received sixty-three likes and 0 dislikes. Additionally, one user by the name of Antlanticus said "BRB UNINSTALLING." The People unanimously have spoken against Blizzard's crimes. I am just happy the problem was fixed before an uprising occurred.

Long-lasting effects

This entire event has at least shown us the power of solidarity. Together, gamers can take a stand against misnamed skins. The online forums act as our tool against the man.

Time after time, we have seen fellow gamers band together by posting on the forums. Nothing is left unsaid or buried. This cheetah incident demonstrates the effective communication "Overwatch" players have.

I am confident and excited to see the next issue "Overwatch" gamers uncover. IIICorvus from the Blizzard forum summed up this theme of accord: "It has been fixed and is now named Leopard. Thank you all for joining the cause. Together, we can achieve great things."

It is my hope that our children will never know this pain. I can assure you that from birth, my child will know the difference between a cheetah and a leopard. If every child in America knows this difference, we will be in a safer and better country.