As Chris Bosh recently moved on from the Miami Heat due to health concerns, a year after Dwyane Wade took his talents to his home town city of Chicago, and three years after LeBron James returned home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the big three era of the Miami Heat has officially concluded. The only player left on the current Miami Heat roster that was part of the team that won two NBA championships in 2012 and 2013, is the fan favorite, Udonis Haslem. Although, Haslem is currently a free agent and could be nearing the end of his career, or could possibly sign for veterans minimum on a new team.

It’s clear to see that the Miami ‘Heatles’ that dominated the league just a half decade ago, are now no more.

LeBron James may have been the first member of the big three to part ways with the team, but he certainly still keeps the memories close to his heart. King James was out vacationing in Miami this week and decided to share a post on social media to express his thoughts.

The King still keeps Miami close to him

Ever since LeBron James made the huge decision to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he has always paid his dues to his previous team. The Heat were certainly not nearly as successful without him, after going to the Finals for four straight years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), they then missed the playoffs in 2015 and 2017, and only just scraped past the first round in 2016.

LeBron James via. Facebook:

It’s obvious that the Miami Heat has not been the same team without The Chosen One, but the King still cherishes his memories made in South Beach. Just as King James would always show respect and speak highly of the Cleveland Cavaliers organization while he was riding the success in Florida. But either way, whether it's Cleveland or Miami.

The team LeBron plays on is always the successful one.

Will he ever return?

As expected, this social media post brought out a lot of questions from the media and especially the fans. The Miami Heat are now a very young and promising team with lots of potential talent and are certainly a place that can attract upcoming free agent superstars in the next few years.

There are always a lot of rumors regarding LeBron James and where he will go next, but the opportunity to return to the Heat along with other free agent all-stars in the 2018 offseason is still an option. Some people may be quick to assume that this will never happen, but there were also a lot of those people who said LeBron James would never return home to Cleveland.