Blizzard has been vocal in their fight against offensive players and throwers in “Overwatch.” After all, these types of players only ruin the overall gameplay experience. This is why the studio has committed them to improving the game’s punishment system.

According to PCGamer, the studio is looking to improve its methods in fighting toxicity in “Overwatch.” In fact, they will be using a brand new approach, one that is far more aggressive. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

How will the new approach work?

Blizzard iterated that, in one way or another, the bad in-game behavior will be punished more severely.

The studio revealed that the two most important features in the game are none other than in-game reporting and player penalty system. Without these two, toxicity would have easily taken down the hit shooter title. The studio explained that most of their resources and focus would be shifted on the said features over the next year. Surprisingly, the video game company just increased the penalties players will acquire when proven to commit bad behavior.

In “Overwatch,” bad behavior goes into a lot of things such as abusive chat, harassment, in-game spam, and even player inactivity (commonly referred to as AFK). Griefing is also part of the list, but Blizzard wants to focus more on this area. They believe that this has been the number one issue in the game right now.

Players caught violating are going to be suspended, silenced or even banned for the entire season. The studio said that this is just a start and that more of these penalties can be seen in the next few months or so.

What do increased penalties mean?

Apparently, Blizzard was saying that unlike before, the penalties in “Overwatch” would be much longer.

It is even possible that they are far more prompt now. This means that once a player is flagged, he can easily be reprimanded. But unfortunately for him, the penalty will cycle much longer. Regardless of how the studio plans to improve this in the future, it is clear that they are serious in battling these offensive heroes.

After all, these complaints are mainly the topics in the community right now. With the new revelations from the studio, players can expect significant change most especially in the playing competitive.

It remains a mystery, however, if what sort of improvements Blizzard plans to add in “Overwatch” in the future. Some say that the studio might finally reactive the “Avoid This Player option. While this is interesting, it remains to be unseen. Besides, the company deactivated it, as it became a beacon of exploit in-game.