Hades’ Star’ is one of the few mobile games that have been in soft launch for quite some time. However, now, space real time strategy game has been released for both the iOS and Android platforms. Players interested can download the free game from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

The game was promised to be the taking place in space where players will have to create and manage their fleets, which can then be used to take part in PvP battles and PvE fights as well. The primary goal of the game is for players to make their fleet of ships the most intimidating presence in space.

However early reviews by some gamers have indicated that the ‘Hades’ Star’ has some resemblance to EVE Online.

‘Hades’ Star’ released

The gameplay is pretty basic when it comes to the Real Time Strategy genre. Players are given a single starship and are tasked with colonizing their very own star system. This is the home base for the player, and unlike other games in the genre, the home base cannot be attacked by other players around the world. In fact, only allies will be able to fly past another player’s home base and help them with resources or in a battle against the A.I.

It may sound too boring, but this aspect of the game is understandable given that it is a mobile game. If the home base were under constant threat of attacks, players would have to sit with the game open all day to prevent such attacks.

Ship control is also pretty limited, and players do not have to manually fly the ship.

Instead, they will have to specify which planet the ship will travel to and also specify the kind of goods that they will carry on the voyage. The fighter ships will engage an enemy spacecraft automatically without players having to control the outcome directly.

This is why the game may feel more like a management strategy game than a proper real time strategy.

Neutral zones will pop up randomly in space and players will have to reach these spots to steal the valuables hidden there. The places will house enemy ships as well and may be targeted by other players at the same time. Here too, the game does not allow the player to engage in PvP battles, which is a little strange.

First impressions

While the inability to engage other players in combat is a bit of a downer, it may be a feature that will be added in the future. However, the original gameplay looks interesting and a bit unique. It remains to be seen how mobile gamers respond to this new game.