Gamers who have been holding off buying a Sony Playstation 4 Pro console will now have a new reason to finally make the jump as Sony has now announced a special "limited edition" bundle that will include a unique Glacier White-colored console. The newly announced "Destiny 2" PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will include the uniquely colored console and a white DualShock 4 controller as well. Fans of the game itself won't be disappointed as the bundle does come with the base game plus a voucher for the game's various Digital Content, including its Expansion Pass and other in-game bonuses.

Bundle details

The bundle has been announced to become available on Sept. 6 and will be priced at $449.99 in North America. Sony has revealed that it will also be releasing the "Destiny 2" PlayStation 4 Pro bundle in Europe and other territories, but it has not yet revealed the official prices for those regions. Gamers will, of course, be getting a lot of content for the relatively reasonable price. For around $49 on top of the regular console's price, users will not only be getting the uniquely colored system but also a number of "premium" digital content. Aside from the Expansion Pass, players will be getting in-game items such as a legendary sword, a Cabal Empire emblem, and a legendary player emote.

Banking on the beta

Sony usually promotes its new bundles very close to the actual release of the game included in the package. Seeing as that the release of "Destiny 2" is still a few months away, it might seem strange to fans why the company is announcing its new offering this early. The company explains on its blog that it actually wants to start the festivities early this time around seeing as that the beta test for the game is about to commence.

The "Destiny 2" beta test will officially start next week, on July 18, and Sony is giving pre-order buyers a chance to join in the beta. The company is likely trying to capitalize on the hype of the beta and the game itself. The company is also likely betting that players will want to pre-order the console months ahead of everyone else and a bundle may be the perfect product for gamers who were looking to upgrade their gaming systems anyway.

Limited quantity

Sony has also clarified that the new bundle will be released in limited quantities and that it will be a "great bundle" for those who want to switch to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Given just how popular the previous "Destiny" PlayStation 4 bundle was, players will likely want to pre-order the new bundle as early as possible before stocks officially run out.