Overwatch” fans will have something to look forward to in the game. It seems that Blizzard has let something slip that is intended for the game’s future lore. If the latest leak is accurate, it appears that the game developer will feature Zarya vs Sombra in its next comic release.

Latest leak

During the Blizzard panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the “Overwatch” team revealed interesting details about the early development process of Doomfist. Aside from that, an image leak recently surfaced online that sparked the fans’ interest. It seems that Blizzard will soon put the omnic-hating Russian hero Zarya and the stealth hero Sombra on the spotlight.

The leak was posted by a Twitter user named Gu @ sleep.

The image is believed to be from the San Diego Comic-Con 2017. According to speculations, the picture could potentially reveal the roots of Zarya’s abhorrence to the robotic citizens of the Earth. There are others claiming that it could possibly be about the Russian body-builder's change of heart. Moreover, there are others who believe that the latest leak will tell the prequel tale of the hero and the origin of her hatred towards the omnics.

Most probably, the image is the next comic look showing the Russian hero Zarya protecting a robotic humanoid from the Los Muertos.

This could mean that the omnic-hater no longer bears hatred towards the omnics. The new perspective could potentially lead to more dialogue needed to alter the story. Zarya has not been fully revealed in the game. In fact, fans only know little about her identity. It is worth noting that the pink-haired soldier made a short appearance in one of the animated shorts of the first-person shooter game.

It is interesting to know that Blizzard has not forgotten the hero at all.

Release date

Currently, the leaked image is available online and is being posted by several users. While it is not yet confirmed, several fans are already wondering when this will be available. As for its release date, it appears that fans will have to wait a little more.

It was just recently that the game developer released the comic that features its 25th hero and releasing another one will take more time. However, if Blizzard opts to have the comics released regularly, it would be a welcome change on the part of the fans.

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