The highly anticipated adjustments on several “Overwatch” heroes just hit the game’s live server. For a while, these changes have been in the public test region of the game. The latest update also rolled out the overhauled loot box, new highlight system, and crosshair options, along with the release of Doomfist. The latest patch, which is available on all platforms is massive and, most likely, the game’s Meta is going to shake up.

Heroes update

There are many reasons why “OverwatchPatch 1.13 is one of the highly awaited updates. Among this includes, of course, Doomfist, which is the most hyped hero long before he was finally revealed in the game.

The latest patch brings changes in the highlight system that gives players the chance to pick their own highlights. It also improves the drop rates of the loot boxes and increases credits. Moreover, Patch 1.13 gives players new options to customize the crosshairs to their likings. Most of all, aside from the fixes, fans wait for the Hero Updates that go with it.


Several adjustments were made to the hero’s Graviton Surge. With the latest update, Zarya’s Mobility abilities no longer free enemies from graviton Surge. According to the developer, the overall power of the hero’s Graviton Surge has been increased. When an enemy is trapped, all movement abilities can no longer be used. With this latest adjustment in the hero’s mobility abilities, even Tracer will not be able to use Recall to be free.

D.Va cannot use her boosters to escape. In other words, once you get caught by the Graviton Surge, you will get stuck. This ultimate ability is now lethal.


With the latest update, Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer Swing speed gets a 10 percent increase. In addition, the timings also got tweaked. Aside from those, the impact of hero’s Charge with another charging hero will no longer deal damage to both.

Instead, both heroes will be knocked down. The bugs that were previously reported infesting the hero in the past month will also be fixed. Moreover, players will get a more natural feel when playing the hero.


The latest patch has decreased Reaper’s Shadow Step VO distance and Sound effect by 50 percent. This means that the sounds and animations of his abilities are now less noticeable.

This latest change will allow the Talon hero to be sneakier with his flanking options. Originally, Reaper's Shadow Step was not designed to be used by players to teleport beside the enemies without their knowledge. Since the sound effects were distinct even at a distance, teleportation became tough from anywhere.

McCree, Genji, and D.Va

McCree’s Flashbang now slows down the target when it is stunned. In other words, enemies will have a hard time slinking away on the corner after getting hit with the hero’s Flashbang. This latest change makes McCree a good choice against dive compositions.

Genji’s Deflect has also received several adjustments. There are new sound effects and voice-lines added to the hero, which indicates when the opponents ultimate has been deflected. On the other hand, D.Va’s Defense Matrix has a new BM voice line that indicates when the ultimate of an enemy has been absorbed.