Kansas City official web page reported that thousands of "Pokemon Go" players around the world joined the major festival on Saturday at Grant Park, Chicago. However, things did not go the way they expected.

First Anniversary for 'Pokemon Go' fest was a disaster

During the event, there were a lot of complaints from festival attendees about incidents that prevented them from catching the Pokemon. There were also reports that players were forbidden from logging into their mobile game.

The incidents led to frustration and the players came together and booed the Niantic Inc.

CEO, John Hanke. These problems were exaggerated by hours standing a long line to get into the park.

Niantic did their best to calm down the irritated players by announcing that everyone who spent a long time scanning their codes as they entered the park would receive a Legendary Pokemon. It was revealed to be the legendary creature, Lugia, who is an atypical and powerful Pokemon that is difficult to defeat.

During the recent "Pokemon Go" event, some players were not able to actually play the game. This was due to server and network issues. In line with this, Niantic released a statement saying "Today at Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, technical issues created problems for a large number of players attending the event." They said they were extremely sorry for all of the Trainers and players.

They were able to solve many issues but they were still not able to provide a great gaming experience to its fans.

Kansas Citycom also reported that some players claimed that they had paid over $400 online for the tickets as it was sold out within minutes in June. Even though the official number of attendees was not revealed, the event organizers stated that they had prepared as many as 20,000 Pokemon players and trainers for the first official anniversary event.

In order to make up for the mess, "Pokemon Go" developers and staff will offer full ticket refunds to all attendees. Furthermore, they are still giving $100 PokeCoins along with other gifts.

New Legendary Pokemon revealed

GameSpot also reported that the next Legendary Pokemon will be in Articuno, which will available in the Raid Battles.

Niantic's team developer also granted huge numbers of prizes and awards to players as gratitude tokens for trainers around the globe who joined together to catch thousands of Pokemon during the event. The rewards include Reduced buddy distance, Reduced hatching distance, Double XP, Double Candy, Double Stardust, and Increased Pokemon encounters. Furthermore, another Legendary Pokemon called Ho-Oh is expected to be released in the future.