Bungie recently talked about how special missions in “Destiny 2” were inspired by “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” Today, PlayStation 4 users are now enjoying the open beta of the first-person shooter title while Xbox One players are standing by for their turn. Just recently, an interesting story about the game was shared by some developers at Bungie.

The inspiration

In a recent episode of the studio’s podcast, some developers at Bungie shared their experiences about creating the special missions of the game. They even shared the lessons that they have applied from their experiences with the previous game installment.

These lessons were further carried over to the upcoming title. Among the highlights of the podcast is how the team came up with the Black Spindle Quest.

Game Designer Rob Engein shared on the podcast, his passion for difficult levels and how he enjoys creating short but extreme difficulties for players. According to the game designer, he was inspired after watching videos of players who are speedrunning the veteran level of the Mile High Club of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” This mission only unlocks upon completing the Modern Warfare. In this game, players are timed while they try and wipe out a sea of enemies.

Black Spindle Quest

This led the designer to start toying with the idea of placing a secret speedrun section into Lost to Light, a story mission of The Taken King.

It was also during this time that Senior Gameplay Designer Jon Weisnewski consulted him about Black Spindle. During that time, according to Engeln, Weisnewski was making an interesting version of the sniper rifle, Black Hammer and wanted the players to discover it for themselves.

The game director then thought of placing the speedrun to the secret door in the story mission as a concept for the Black spindle Quest.

In the process of development, however, it was placed in a chest at the starting area of the fight. It was further improved and a room full of enemies was added and the quest climaxed in a boss battle. Later the team added the timer to add more challenge to the quest. According to Engeln, the secret mission has totally transformed from its initial concept.

Bungie assures players that the same hidden missions and secret quests will still be experienced by players in the upcoming title. “Destiny 2” is scheduled to release on September 6. It will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The first-person shooter game will be released on October 24 on PC. I will give you more updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.