Roadhog will soon take 50 percent less damage while healing. Blizzard has revealed more details about the tank hero’s defensive buff in “Overwatch.” It appears that the game developer is doing something to improve the overall hero’s abilities and performance.

Roadhog’s issue

A few days ago, “Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan made a lengthy post about game balance. Although Kaplan believes that the game is balanced, he acknowledged that there are several heroes in the game that really require change. Among these heroes include Roadhog. It is worth noting that the plump hero’s One Shot Combo was previously nerfed, which resulted in many complaints from the fan base.

According to some players, the change made the tank hero less competitive on the front lines.

However, the game developer believes that this issue is not because of his offensive abilities. According to Kaplan, moving away from the hero from one shot combo was a much-needed step. Although he also acknowledges that he is not satisfied with the tank hero’s performance in the game now.

Upcoming defensive buff

While fans are still complaining about the tank hero, it appears that an interesting change will come to Roadhog soon. In the game’s forum, game designer Geoff Goodman has been talking about Roadhog. According to the designer, they are currently testing several internal pieces of stuff for the hero.

He added that the changes would focus on the hero’s defenses instead of his abilities.

Goodman said that while the hero’s hook combo is a bit weaker now, overall, the plump tank can still deal with a lot of damage. He added that the character would be better if he can get increased survivability. In other words, fans could expect that the tank hero would most likely get a buff for his self-healing abilities.

Latest from Blizzard

Just recently, another post from Goodman sparked interest among fans when he revealed the changes the team is planning to roll out to Roadhog. According to the designer, the changes are primarily founded on the hero’s healing ability, Take a Breather. This time, the team would like to make sure that he gets lesser damage while inhaling and while he maintains the speed of his movement.

At present, Goodman revealed that the tank hero has been subject to some play testing with – 50 percent damage taken using Take a Breather. The “Overwatch” team, according to him is also enabling the plump tank to move at full speed while inhaling. Goodman believes that these two tweaks when combined will make it more difficult to kill the hero. This way, Roadhog players would be allowed to get too aggressive when aiming for a hook target with the knowledge that this time they have a greater chance of surviving.