Most of the popular games today are the survival games, as they offer a real challenge and intense action to everyone. It is also known that the survival games today doesn't require any in-game purchasing to win. Due to this, more and more players are starting to compete in most of the online survival games today. Today's Gaming Industry is also filled with survival games that offer different styles.

Here are the Top 3 survival games this 2017.


“DayZ” is considered one of the best online survival games today. The game offers a huge open-world map, where players must travel to search for equipment, foods, and clothes.

There are also different guns in the game, as well as body armors for protection. “DayZ” is known for its accurate guns, as well as its realistic physics. The game is also filled with different mods, as well as game modes. It is also believed that “DayZ” has the most friendly community, where players can team up with strangers in the game. “DayZ” is being consistently updated by its developers, making it one of the most stable online survival games today.


“Starbound” is a different type of survival game, as players will have to fight different alien races than zombies, which is known to be the main enemy of a survival game. In “Starbound,” players will travel to different planets to search for materials and finish quests.

The game also offers a hunger system, where the character may die and lost all of its loots when it got very hungry. Due to this, newcomers in the game will have to search for foods as much as possible. Players can also create their own space station in“Starbound,” as well as customize their own mechs. The game is also known for its weaponry.

Players can use bows, swords, and different type of guns in the game. “Starbound” is considered a sci-fi survival version of the classic game, “Terraria.”

'State of Decay'

“State of Decay” is one of the most classic survival games today. It offers almost every element of a survival game, such as hunger, weapons and crafting system.

The game is also known for its massive number of zombies. “State of Decay” also has NPCs, which will be a huge help for the player to progress. Players can recruit, as well as fight different NPCs for supplies. “State of Decay” earned a lot of awards since it got launched. The game has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks until today. Due to this, survival game fans might consider trying it now.