It's a death match on the new multiplayer mode of Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon Wildlands." After the game was released in March 2017, updates have already been added, but this one proves to be a little bit different. Entitled Ghost War, this new game mode allows players to form two teams of four members each and compete to get hold of the region following the fall of the Santa Blanca cartel. Each member of the team will have its own role and designation like the Scout or Sniper.

Interestingly, this new mode from the "Ghost Recon Wildlands" allows players to work as a team and be able to realize the importance of proper teamwork to achieve a common goal.

Lead game designer Lucian Istrate said that Ghost War aims to build teamwork among players and their ability to utilize their special talents in the game. Additionally, the development team also added some new updates to the helicopters in the game. This includes bug fixes and some new controls that players can learn in order to aim better.

Ghost Recon Wildlands game concept

Pitting two teams to compete for a stronghold in a region, they must be able to kill all the players in the other team. It is the only way to win the competition. In cases where a player is left alive, some of the game features allow the revival of his teammates and they eventually regroup for a revenge.

Ghost War will be in beta mode before the launching of "Ghost Recon Wildlands." According to Gamezone, it will be an Open Beta that is also available to players who do not own the game.

Ubisoft hopes to invite more players to join when they experience it for free. To make it even more fun, Ubisoft released a trailer that will support the reviews about the Ghost Recon game.

More of Tom Clancy's popular titles

"Ghost Recon Wildlands" is another game title based on the stories of renowned American novelist Thomas Leo "Tom" Clancy Jr.

Prior to the Ghost Recon, Ubisoft released "The Division" one of the most anticipated titles from the franchise. Despite its popularity, the game received enough negative reviews that eventually forced the developer to make some major updates. These updates resulted in system downtime every time they launch a new update.

Ubisoft has not released the exact date when the beta version will be available but based on the announcement that it will arrive before the release of the multiplayer, it will definitely arrive before the fall. Take note, the beta version is open to all players and they are not required to buy the game before they can experience Ghost War multiplayer.