Blizzard Entertainment launched the 2.15 update for the team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game, “Overwatch.” While some players were delighted about the update’s minor bug fixes, several “Overwatch” players were disappointed that the patch did not include the powerful frontline fighter, Doomfist.

Game’s 2.15 update

The BitBag made it known that “Overwatch” 2.15 update only brings bug fixes for the voice line of Pharah and the ultimate charge gain of the guardian omnic, Orisa. The game’s update appears to resemble the one rolled out for PC last month.

However, the exclusion of Doomfist in the update is because the video game company is still adjusting the character for the PC PTR, toning down some of the character’s overpowered abilities.

Skill set of the new hero

The powerful frontline fighter can provide some good offense if the new “Overwatch” hero consistently deals damage. The skill set of Doomfist has the potential to entice several gamers who opt for reckless as well as specific tactics, which many Overwatch community members scorn.

PC Gamer recently had a conversation with four pros of the “Overwatch” game - the free agent Emongg, Danteh from Arc 6, as well as Immortals’ Hyped and Agilities. The experts claimed that the experience of having Doomfist could mean that gamers will get the chance to be a melee hero with the character's innate versatility - fluid and natural movements.

But, the new hero still has a weakness.

Danteh stated that he didn't know what to do with the character for a couple of hours until he learned how to handle it. Doomfist is punishing if a player doesn't know how to use the character’s abilities correctly. Also, the “Overwatchpros discovered that despite Doomfist’s strong abilities, heroes like Mercy and Pharah could go against the character.

Nonetheless, once the new hero gets fully implemented on servers, “Overwatch” enthusiasts will acquire their preferred option for aggressive game plans. The abilities of Doomfist are designed to collaborate with each other to deal with severe damage while moving around simultaneously. Since the new character comes along with temporary shield health, the hero is also hard to kill.

However, “Overwatch” players should consider a lot of things before using the new hero in the online first-person shooter game. In spite of that, the game company will continue to make balance changes while the character is in the PTR.