The block-designed vehicles in the KH series popularly known as Gummi Ships are returning in the upcoming game, “Kingdom Hearts 3.” The news has been confirmed by the series’ game director. Aside from that, other interesting details were revealed during the recently concluded D23 Expo.

Latest reveal

In a recent interview conducted by Game Informer, series’ Director Tetsuya Nomura shared that players will still get to use the popular Gummi Ships in the upcoming role-playing game. The director revealed other interesting information about the third game installment including other details that were missed during the Toy Story world show.

While the Gummi Ships were not yet revealed in the game’s latest trailer, the acknowledgment alone coming from its game director is enough to get fans excited. Nomura was quoted saying that at this point he can confirm that return of the popular mode of transportation in the series. However, he also noted that at this point, he cannot reveal yet about the changes they have made of how it is going to be used in the upcoming title. Furthermore, he promised that more information would be shared soon.

Gummi Ship

In the game’s universe, the Gummi Ship is one of the many exciting features. The common assumption is that the vehicle is connected to Disney’s Gummi Bears cartoon famous during the years 1985-1991.

Most likely, claims about such connection are because of the resemblance of the names. The popular mode of transportation has been retained in both the first and second game installments.

It is apparent that the series’ director knows that a system as unique as that of the Gummi Ship needs to evolve to justify its continued presence in the games of the series.

According to Nomura, the members of their development team always want to introduce something new in the game. This is one of the reasons why mechanics that were present in the previous game installments of the series are still in the upcoming role-playing title. He also noted that their team would always tweak or make several changes in some of the game’s features, be it minor or huge and customize it.

So far, that is all the information revealed about the Gummi ships returning to “Kingdom Hearts 3.” As to how the system works remains to be seen in the game’s upcoming reveal and trailers. The game director assured fans that more details would be revealed soon, most likely in September during the Tokyo Games Show. “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released in 2018. It will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.