Doomfist was finally patched in the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm (PTR) just recently which gave fans a chance to try out the highly-anticipated Offense hero. Sadly, Blizzard didn’t include the hero's emotes, highlight intros, sprays, skins and the like when he launched on those servers. Fast forward a week later and Blizzard has finally patched in his cosmetics which have won over most “Overwatch” fans. Similarly, Doomfist has also gotten a few chances in the latest PTR patch which should balance his playstyle.

Feel the Doomfist hype with his new items

Doomfist has gotten a set of his personal skins with four of them being recolors. According to Twinfinite, these ordinary skins change the color of his gauntlet and chrome plating. Meanwhile, his epic skins give him some new prints and change the design of his clothing. Doomfist’s legendary “Overwatch” skins are probably his bet set of costumes in the game as two of them transform him into a walking Terminator-like robot. Meanwhile, his other two legendary skins give him a freaky looking mask with blue or red body paint.

The "Overwatch" Offense hero has also gotten a set of sprays with some acting as pop culture references and a nod towards other “Overwatch” sprays.

Similarly, he has also gotten his own highlight intros, voice lines, victory poses, and emotes. Overall, his cosmetic items stay true to his character while containing that typical “Overwatch” humor to keep things light. Those who want to check out the full set of "Overwatch" costumes can check the PTR on the PC version of the game.

A Recent Nerf

The latest “Overwatch” PTR patch also brought in some changes to Doomfist’s skills aside from buffing a few characters in the game. According to PVP Live, Doomfists’s Rocket Punch now has less distance travel by around 20%. However, it’s worth noting that this change has actually been on the PTR for some time now.

His Seismic Slam, on the other hand, has a new UI indicator that informs the player how much damage the attack will deal.

Other heroes like McCree have also gotten buffed as his Flashbang now slows down his opponents when they are stunned. Reaper now makes less noise when he Shadow Steps while Reinhardt’s Hammer has been balanced so it’ll feel much more responsive. Finally, Zarya’s Graviton Surge now disables all the movement abilities of affected targets. This should make for a good combo with other ultimate attacks like Tracer’s Pulse Bomb or Doomfist’s Meteor Strike.