The “Overwatch” loot box drop rates are one of the highly anticipated improvements that fans are waiting to hear from Blizzard. It appears that it is no longer a mystery to players today as the drop rates have been confirmed for all regions.

Drop rates

Blizzard recently announced “Overwatch” loot box drop rates in South Korea in the previous week. Today, the gaming titan has confirmed with Dot Esports the possibility that the same might apply across all regions. Regardless of the player’s region, there is a chance that a player might receive an Epic item.

There is one Legendary item in every 13.5 loot boxes. In other words, players have 18.19 percent chance of earning an Epic item and 7.4 percent of getting a Legendary item. Each loot box will contain four items and one of them is Rare.

The skins in the first-person shooter game come in three varying qualities. They are Epic, Rare, and Legendary. Emotes are most of the time classified as Epic, although there are a few that are Legendaries. Victory poses and player icons are considered Rare, while sprays and voice lines are Common. If the player gets an item that they already have from the loot box, a corresponding credit will be earned based on the quality of the item.

Loot boxes in China

Recently, the Chinese arm of Blizzard was required by the Chinese government to release loot box drop rates in an attempt to protect the interest of its gamers or consumers.

According to the mandate, online game publishers must announce publicly the result of random draws on prominent places on the game’s official website or within the game. The regulation further requires game publishers to keep a record of this result for government's inquiry. The statistical probability that was released by the company’s arm in China is the same as the numbers for South Korea.

Patch 1.13

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated improvements in the game’s loot box system will be released soon along with Patch 1.13. The upcoming update is currently on the game’s public test region. The said improvement will overhaul the current system in the game’s loot box. Among the changes expected to roll out includes the reduction of the duplicate items and credits earned for duplicates.

Blizzard has not yet revealed when the patch will be in the game’s live server. Patch 1.13 also contains the latest game hero, Doomfist. Several heroes’ changes and improvements are also in the said update. We will give you more updates about “Overwatch” as soon as information becomes available.