The dive composition is becoming an extremely popular composition in “Overwatch” lately, and with Doomfist coming to live servers soon, many are worried that the game will focus solely on a select number of heroes. However, it already seems like Blizzard is on the case as they have released a new patch on the PTR that adds some significant buffs to a good number of heroes. With this in mind, will Blizzard manage to control the dive composition from getting too out of hand like the triple tank meta?

Latest Changes in the PTR Patch

According to PVP Live, Blizzard has shared the details on what’s included in the latest PTR patch.

A good number of heroes have gotten some powerful changes which might help control the dive meta from taking over the current competitive season. To begin with, Doomfist’s Rocket Punch now has reduced travel distance time by about 20%. Similarly, his Seismic Slam now has a new UI indicator which shows how much damage it will deal.

Next up, McCree’s Flashbang now has the ability to “significantly” slow down targets when he stuns them. Blizzard has also buffed Reaper’s shadow step as his VO and SFX distance has been “drastically” reduced. Moreover, Reinhardt’s hammer now swings faster by about 10% and has also been tweaked to feel more “responsive.” Similarly, his Charge skill no longer deals damage when colliding with another character (Doomfist’s Rocket Punch or another charging Reinhardt), but both heroes will still experience a knockdown.

Finally, Zarya’s Graviton Surge has gotten a major buff as enemies will not be able to move if they’re caught in her black hole. Blizzard explained that this new effect acts like Junkrat’s trap skills where enemies can still shoot, but can't move.

Dive Composition and Future Buffs

Despite the changes for these heroes, Blizzard has yet to patch in Roadhog’s survivability buff.

Furthermore, they have yet to reveal their plans for Mercy’s ultimate ability as well. For now, fans will just have to wait for further news regarding the buffs or nerfs for the other heroes in “Overwatch.”

As for the current meta, characters like Tracer, Genji, D.Va, and Winston are currently in the limelight for their abilities to jump in and out of combat.

With Doomfist arriving on the live servers soon, it’s possible that he’ll be a popular pick among fans, especially judging by how his ultimate ability will combo extremely well with Zarya’s buffed Graviton Surge. “Overwatch” competitive season 5 is still in full swing with no details on when it will end.