The current “Overwatchmeta is still in full swing with teams opting to go with faster and agiler heroes. Following the triple tank meta, the dive composition has taken the game by storm with much more complicated and fast-paced strategies. Just like in the previous season, there are certain characters that now stand above others. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the optimal heroes you should pick in the Dive meta.

Tracer or Genji

To easily sneak behind enemy lines, you’ll need a quick DPS than can zoom past traps and enemies while dishing out some major damage.

Both of these heroes fit the role with Tracer having a much higher DPS potential than Genji. On the other hand, the ninja has much more aerial mobility and is arguably much more difficult to hit. Either way, both heroes are still a great pick and are pretty much considered to be the staple DPS for this meta.

Winston or D.Va

Keeping in line with mobile heroes, both Winston and D.Va are the best mobile tanks we have right now. Winston has gotten a recent buff with his shield that made him extremely popular this season. Moreover, he’s a great choice if you want to harass your enemies (especially their support heroes) while having access to an easy escape skill. D.Va, on the other hand, still has a good amount of firepower while her dash is still pretty useful for getting in and out of combat.

The good thing with her is that she can call her mech again if the enemy destroys it, granted if she stays alive and manages to quickly build her ultimate charge.

Zenyatta, Mercy, Lucio

For the “Overwatch” healers, Mercy and Lucio have the most mobility out of the four support heroes. Lucio has access to his speed boost which also affects his team while Mercy can quickly weave between her teammates with Guardian Angel and can use her Resurrect ability to win a team fight.

Meanwhile, Zenyatta is also a popular choice as his Orb of Harmony doesn’t exactly require him to keep tabs on heroes. Even if his target is far away, Zenyatta can steal heal them without having to compromise his safety by heading into the fight. Moreover, the omnic can focus on healing and dish out some damage while his team is busy distracting the enemy.

With “Overwatch” hero Doomfist on the way, there’s no doubt that this certain strategy will continue to flourish in Season 5. Blizzard has been testing some changes on the current PTR build that may affect the overall dive composition.