Even before he was officially released in the game’s public test region, Doomfist has been stirring speculations among “Overwatch” fans. The Seismic Slamming hero is viewed by some as overpowering and has intimidating abilities that are far superior to the other heroes released in the game.

On their end, Blizzard had earlier nerfed the Nigerian hero decreasing the range of his signature Rocket Punch to 25 from its previous 30 meters range. Despite getting nerfed, it appears that the latest hero is designed to be a powerful and superior character.

Several fans have discovered that an interesting way to counter the hero’s face-punching fury.

How to counter Doomfist

On Reddit, user Lemon Tile revealed an interesting way to counter the hero’s ability. The Redditor used McCree and pulled off an ultimate while activating the sitting emote. While his character is lazing around, from behind, Doomfist attack with a Rocket Punch. The powerful assault, however, just fly above his head.

Several gamers view the strategy of using an emote with McCree as an outstanding way to avoid the havoc of the latest game hero. However, if you are the one attacking McCree, it is kind of a bit frustrating that your opponents simply sat down to avoid the attack. What really happens is that when he plops down for a sit, his hitbox is shriveled.

This way, he appears to be smaller and becomes hard to target.

Important tip

For players who would like to execute the same strategy of using McCree’s sitting emote to counter the Seismic Slamming hero, there are other factors that need to be considered. Among them includes using the cowboy’s hero ultimate and cause a significant number of kills.

This will leave the character open to attacks from the entire team of enemies that were not previously dealt with.

Meanwhile, Doomfist is still in the game’s PTR. Several players are trying their luck to find any glitch or exploit of the hero. There are many others who are getting themselves familiar with Doomfist’s moves and abilities.

Some players are speculating that the latest game hero is vulnerable to snipers like Widowmaker. According to them because of his size and built, he is an easy sniping target.

Blizzard has not yet released any statement about the release date of the hero. Interestingly, it will be just a matter of time that he will be made available to all “Overwatch” players anytime soon. We will give you more updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.