It appears that Bungie is keeping its promise of releasing a better and improved gaming experience through “Destiny 2.” As the game draws near to its release date, fans are tickled with more exciting details about the next first shooter game installment. Among them is the control pvp mode.

Changes in the PvP mode

Control, the capture-and-defend mode, will be returning in the second game installment. The game developer underlined several changes that are being developed right now to improve the game experience. In an interview with IGN, design lead Lars Bakken shared the changes in the upcoming game’s PvP mode.

According to him, it is focused on the latest four-on-four play style of the game.

The lead designer further revealed that players will notice that the home flag, A and C, of each team will be automatically captured. In other words, the teams will be fighting for the B home flag. As a result, it will trigger a huge scuffle in the first few minutes of the match.

Aside from the home flag, players will also notice that earning points in the match will also be different. The scoring system, according to Bakken, has been reworked. In “Destiny 2,” every kill gives one point. However, the points will be multiplied by the number of flags the team has. So, if the team holds two flags, every kill is worth two points.

If a team happens to get a hold of the three flags, now dubbed as Power Play, every kill will be equivalent to three points.

Other details

In the upcoming game installment, flags will be captured in a different way. Players are no longer required to neutralize the opponent’s flag prior to acquiring it. Moreover, Bakken said that there is now a set capture timer, which is not anymore affected by bringing more people to the point as it is being taken.

The lead designer further shared that they want to create a game that has a more tactical feel while it is easily understandable. According to him, it is why they would not want several players to be in the zone at the same time. Apart from this, matches will be shorter and will only last approximately eight minutes long. Moreover, there will be changes in the design, which is intended to create balance.

Meanwhile, a new Crucible map dubbed as Endless Vale will be included in the game beta. “Destiny 2” beta will start early on PlayStation 4 pre-orders. On July PS 4 early access will begin. It will be followed by Xbox One access on July 21.