Breath of the Wild” has just gotten its first Expansion pack that provides players with new ways to play. Aside from new costumes and masks, Link can undergo a new challenge in the game or repeat his journey with a new difficulty setting. Overall, the expansion gives returning players another reason to return to Hyrule and continue Link’s journey while ignoring Zelda’s pleas for help in the castle. Incidentally, after wandering around, one player discovers a new area included in the Breath of the Wild DLC. Due to his new “discovery,” the fan took to Reddit to share what had happened in the game.

Coming across unexpected territory in “Breath of the Wild”

Redditor Sharkytheshotty was busy minding his own business in the Master Trials, a sixty level challenge where players fight waves of enemies to find an upgrade for their Master Sword when he stumbled into a buggy new world. According to the player, he was on trial three on the Medium trails where he flew up to grab a chest on the floating platform. However, he then slipped through a wall and couldn’t return to the previous area. He then decided to look around this strange land and see what he could find which led to some interesting discoveries.

Naturally, the player made sure to take some screenshots of the unused area in the game. Judging by the appearance of the images, the said map may or may not be used in the upcoming second expansion pack coming later this year.

On the other hand, other Redditors speculated that this might have been some sort of “test area” crafted specifically for the Trials. The land itself is extremely flat and underdeveloped which is unlike the typical Breath of the Wild landscape.

Glitches in “Breath of the Wild”

The latest Zelda installment has been raised not only for its mechanics and art style but also because it lacked a good number of bugs that are usually included in an open-world game.

As gaming continues to modernize, open-world titles are slowly becoming the norm yet they also bring in plenty of glitches that can impact the overall experience for the player. While it still isn’t perfect, “Breath of the Wild” still manages to create a smooth experience for the most part.

With the recent discovery of the Master Trials bugs, there is no doubt that players will try and seek out this area and journey through the broken land. Others might even uncover more developmental secrets or some hints that point to future content in the game.