The “Rainbow Six SiegeTechnical Test Servers (TTS) serve as one of the best ways to test out new content without bringing it over to the main game. This way, developers will be able to experiment with new content while giving players a chance to try them out. However, this specific server has only been available for PC players for the past few months, but now it seems like console players will finally get the chance to try it out.

Technical Test Servers now available for console players

Ubisoft will finally open up their PC test servers for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players.

However, players will only have access to the said servers if they receive an invitation from Ubisoft. Speaking on Reddit, “Rainbow Six Siege” community developer Craig Robinson shared that if you own the game on consoles, “you have a chance of being selected in the first batch of invites.” He added that they’ll be sending out these invitations in waves since it will be a manual process. If ever you are chosen to join the test servers, Ubisoft will send a message to your Uplay account’s email address.

The Past and Future TTS updates

Ubisoft has yet to share when they plan on launching the next “Rainbow Six Siege” Technical Test Servers update as they don’t seem to have a set date as of the moment.

In previous test servers, Ubisoft worked on the hit box improvements, spawn killing adjustments and the Alpha Pack feature. However, gameplay isn’t the only thing Technical Test Servers are used for. Ubisoft also patches in some of the future cosmetic items which will eventually hit the live servers. Similarly, they sometimes even hide some clues regarding their next major updates within the game files.

For those unaware, data miners were able to dig up some clues relating to the Hong Kong Operators, a possible new map, and even new gadgets which will appear in Season Three. However, Ubisoft has yet to share the official details surrounding these leaks so it’s best to wait for further news. While Ubisoft is trying their best to bring the “Rainbow Six Siege” Technical Test Servers to consoles, there are some struggles when it comes to certifications and approvals from both Microsoft and Sony.

With his in mind, this could also be one reason why other games like “Overwatch” keep their Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC only. For those interested in joining the test servers, monitor your email in case you get an invitation.