Doomfist will finally be live on game servers starting July 27. The latest "Overwatch" hero will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One starting next week. The seismic-slamming hero has been a vital part of the game long before he was officially revealed as the game's 25th hero.

Latest news

Blizzard announced today on the game's official Twitter account that the most hyped hero is finally arriving on all platforms next week. The Nigerian hero has been in the game's Public Test Region for approximately two weeks now. Currently, his knots are being worked out.

Doomfist is still playable on PTR for testing until his official release.

Hero's preview

Apart from the announcement, Blizzard also shared the behind-the-scenes look at how the hero was conceptualized. Doomfist has been a part of the "Overwatch" universe long before his story was even finished. His gauntlet was a major part of the story in one of the game's original shorts that have earned interest and attention from players even though it was just lore.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan describes the rocket-punching hero as a character who thinks of himself not as a villain but as a man who cares a lot about immortalizing honor and strength. This is different than others' impressions of him as a terrifying villain.

To lead writer Michael Chu, Doomfist is a character who came from just a name. The hero's name was introduced in the first-person shooter game's launch video without Blizzard fully knowing who the character really was. Another developer said from a name, Doomfist transformed to be the game's most reminiscent hero.

Patch 1.13

Meanwhile, the next game update expected to be released on the same day that Doomfist arrives is currently on the game's PTR.

Aside from the latest hero, the patch is expected to roll out changes in the loot box system. Previously, the loot box has received several complaints from players. Blizzard has made several improvements to the system. Aside from the loot boxes, the highlight system is also one of the highly-anticipated features to be released along with Patch 1.13.

With the new category dubbed as Today's Top 5 that will be available for 24 hours, fans are itching to get to try these upcoming changes.

The patch will also roll out several game heroes. Among them includes McCree, Reaper, Zarya, Reinhardt, and Doomfist. While most players are expecting several changes to Roadhog, he will not receive changes when the patch rolls out. We will give you more updates about your favorite game "Overwatch" as soon as information becomes available.