The “Overwatch” hype is now in full swing following a recent post by Blizzard hyping up what seems to be the next hero in the game. The pre-release Lore teasers are finally unraveling and it seems like we’ll finally get one of the most highly-anticipated heroes: Doomfist. The new report doesn’t share much on his abilities but goes into detail about what he has been doing and a look into his official name.

Moreover, don’t expect this hero to align with characters like Tracer or Winston. From the name alone, Doomfist seems like the type of character who would join Talon.

The latest report confirms this, as the evil organization seems to have plans for this possibly nefarious "Overwatch’" villain.

The new ‘Overwatch’ report on Doomfist

According to the recent “Overwatch” blog update, the in-game universe has finally begun shedding some spotlight on Doomfist. The report reveals the character’s real name, Akande Ogundimu, who was previously detained at a security installation. However, the terrorist group known as Talon managed to free Akande after a surprise attack seemingly launched by Reaper.

Following his prison break, Doomfist traveled to Numbani where he decimated the recent OR-15 units and stole his gauntlet. This specific information actually ties in with Orisa’s lore which was released a few years back.

The destruction he caused at the airport was what spurred child prodigy Efi to create the latest tank hero in the game.

However, things haven’t been going smoothly in the world of the game as people are now beginning to question both the effectiveness and methodology of the Helix Security group. While they have been known as the world’s security force over the recent years, they have begun facing many high profile incidents.

More news on the coming hero

While little is still known about the upcoming hero, many fans have been requesting that actor Terry Crews voices the character. Blizzard and Crews have been teasing fans in the past through photos of his visit to the campus, but both have yet to explicitly state that he will be Doomfist’s voice actor.

As for Akande’s playstyle, he might play as some sort of physical fighter who can dish out major damage with his gauntlet. Some have even been speculating that he will not have any ranged capabilities and will instead focus solely on punching. For now, fans will just have to wait for further news regarding the upcoming "Overwatch" hero.