"Tekken 7" is a well known fighting video game which has a strong fan base. The game is all set to receive its second DLC in the form of a familiar character addition. This character will also be from the SNK family, namely "Fatal Fury" chief villain, Geese Howard. This is the second character in "Tekken 7" who is a prominent member of the SNK franchise.

Geese Howard being added to 'Tekken 7'

"Tekken 7" was released back in June for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Fans of the series gave the latest entry into the much-loved franchise, a positive reception.

In fact, the PS4 version of the game became the top seller in Japan. The downloadable contents that are being released will make sure that the profit generated by the game continues even after the initial release phase of the game.

The latest DLC to be included adds the popular Geese Howard character from "Fatal Fury," who serves as a prominent antagonist in the SNK series of games. Players who want to play as Howard will need to pay a small amount to unlock him. The downloadable content is reportedly heading to gamers in the winter of 2017.

Geese Howard debuted with the first "Fatal Fury" game, which was released back in 1991 for Neo Geo. From the very first game, SNK has been a much-loved developer and players all over the world have certain nostalgia when it comes to these titles.

Following the success of "Fatal Fury," other fighting games such as "Art of Fighting," "King of Fighters," and "Samurai Showdown" also grew in popularity.

Other crossover characters in 'Tekken 7'

Geese Howard is not the first crossover character to be introduced in "Tekken 7." In fact, he is not even the first character from the SNK series.

Asumi Todoh from the "Art of Fighting" series has already been introduced into the roster. Akuma from Capcom's "Street Fighter" series is also present in the game. These crossovers are usually a great way of ensuring that fans of the other series of fighting video games also become interested in "Tekken 7."

For instance, due to the inclusion of Akuma, "Street Fighter" fans will also likely pick up a copy of "Tekken 7." Capcom and Bandai Namco have previously also partnered together for a game back when "Street Fighter X Tekken" was released for fans.

SNK and Capcom have also partnered previously for games such as "Capcom Vs. SNK." However, the Bandai Namco and SNK partnership is relatively newer and such is full of opportunities for new games and concepts.