Overwatch” players who have been playing around on the PTR (Public Test Region) are surely enjoying taking Doomfist for a spin. PTR gamers were not only getting to play the new hero ahead of the regular crowd but were, in fact, helping by providing data for his balance and gameplay. It is no secret that a lot of people were expecting actor Terry Crews to voice the new character. However, when the hero was officially announced, it was confirmed that Blizzard Entertainment went with another voice actor. When asked about his reaction to the change, Crews commented that “the creators have a vision and I didn’t want to mess that up.” Meanwhile, the development team recently shared a new hero preview footage that also revealed the new character’s official Release Date.

From plot to character

According to the video from Blizzard Entertainment, Doomfist was originally intended as an element within the cinematic to drive the plot along. However, the idea of a hero wielding the famed gauntlet struck a chord with fans. Players started to petition the developer to create the hero and have him become playable along with the existing roster. Not only does the footage talk about the exact time when the powerful puncher becomes available outside the PTR, but they also detail his creation all the way from concept to the actual character that gamers can use in battle. Despite the hype created by Terry Crews, which started late last year, the developer’s final decision regarding the voice actor was gracefully accepted by the comedian.

“I can honestly say that they made a move that’s better for the game,” said Crews, according to PC Gamer.

A new event a new hero

Fans have already speculated that Blizzard Entertainment will schedule the new hero’s release together with a seasonal event. As of now, it has not been officially confirmed if the Summer Games event will launch together with the new character.

Several PTR users have apparently figured out some of the developer’s plans for the next in-game event. a few weeks ago some crash logs apparently featured some text that hinted at the Summer Games and Doomfist being in the game soon. Data miners have also discovered that more cosmetic skins are on the way for the Talon leader.

Balance tweaks and adjustments

Blizzard intentionally releases new heroes first in the PTR so that players can give feedback about their performance. So far, their opinions about how Doomfist plays have resulted in some tweaks and nerfs for the character. The most recent PTR patch updated the changes which resulted in a Rocket Punch forward travel distance of 20 meters instead of the initial 30 meters. Meanwhile, another tweak gives his Seismic Slam attack some new UI elements. The developer has recently been recognized as the most active when it comes to post-launch support. For the record, they have already released more than 119 patches since “Overwatch” was released last year.