Square Enix has finally ended months of talks and waiting. The Japanese gaming giant has joined forces with Disney in releasing a new “Kingdom Hearts 3” trailer at this week’s D23 conference.

According to GameRant, a newly released trailer was revealed at D23 2017 event. The new trailer has also confirmed that the much-awaited game will finally arrive on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. Additionally, Square Enix has also teamed up with Disney, which has shown the world based on "Toy Story" in the newly released trailer.

About long-awaited sequel, what the fans might expect

Square Enix’s upcoming action RPG “Kingdom Hearts 3” is the twelfth installment in the “Kingdom Hearts” game series. The upcoming game is also the final chapter in the "Dark Seeker" saga.

Concepts about the new game first started as early as 2006, but the new game was only confirmed officially to be in the works during the E3 2013 event. Square Enix has also released a gameplay trailer of the new game during the KH Orchestra World Tour in Los Angeles in June.

The Japanese gaming giant is promising some big changes in the new game, so fans can expect some new gaming environments here. These may include new gameplay features, new enemies, and keyblade transformations.

Fans might also see many returning gameplay features from the game series, along with the new “Attraction Flows” attacks that incorporate the Disney parks attractions. Additionally, the sequel is also the first in the KH series to utilize the extremely powerful game engine, Unreal Engine 4.

As for the gameplay, the sequel will have a similar gameplay to its predecessor, according to Square Enix.

Game director Tetsuya Nomura had stated earlier that the combat would be similar to the one being used in “Kingdom Hearts 2.” It also closely ties to the gameplay used in “Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance,” the director added.

As mentioned earlier by gaming site Polygon, Sora will be making a return as the main playable character.

Joining Sora will be Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku, King Mickey and Master Eraqus.

In the newly released KH3 trailer, Sora joined Donald Duck and Goofy in the "Toy Story" world. There’s also Buzz Lightyear and Woody, which explains to the crowd the Heartless problem plaguing Andy’s bedroom. Sora will be facing Heartless and Nobodies in the new game.

The gameplay elements which were first seen at E3 2015 event, showcased new enemies as well as transversal elements such as keyblade transformations, summons, wall running and jumping. There’s also a team-up attack, which combines Sora with Donald Duck and Goofy.

Disney entering KH universe

The sequel “Kingdom Hearts 3” marks Pixar’s introduction into the Disney-crossover series.

Disney had acquired Pixar in 2006, just after the release of Square Enix’s last KH game. Right now, it still unclear whether "Toy Story" will be joined by other Disney property, but some analysts believe that the "Toy Story" could be an excellent choice for the Square Enix’s KH franchise.

Finally, “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be launched sometime in 2018.