Following the recent reveal of Sub-Zero, NetherRealm Studios recently announced the arrival of another DLC Character, Starfire. Koriand’r as she is also popularly known will be available next month as one of the playable characters in “Injustice 2.” Along with her announcement is the latest trailer that highlights the hero’s abilities and gameplay.

Latest announcement

Among the heavily speculated character that will be released in “Injustice 2” is Starfire. Just recently, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment launched a new trailer about the fan-favorite Tamaranian.

She is a very charming but also a deadly fighter. She was initially announced in March as one of the DLC characters that will arrive in the game together with Sub-Zero and Red Hood. In the original plot of the series, Starfire died and her presence in the game has a lot of effects. It is possible that she did not really die or it could also be that more characters from the multiverse are coming to the fighting title soon.


The character was launched in 1980 and was portrayed in various forms.

Her name first appeared in DC Comic in “The Answer Man of Space” in 1962. She is also known as the princess of the Tamaran in the Vegan System. The princess is always romantically linked to Robin in “Teen Titans.” Among her abilities is the design of her body that can absorb ultraviolet radiation constantly, which she converts into pure energy that fuels her to fly at supersonic speed.

She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat having trained by the Warlords of Okaara.

Latest trailer

In the latest trailer released by NetherRealm Studios, the Tamaranian Princess is shown fighting against Robin. The trailer highlights her power and her interesting combat skills. Aside from that, the trailer also showed her fighting against Superman where the Krytonite-vulnerable hero is shown a Bizzaro shader.

The Tamaranian princess is scheduled to arrive in the game in August as one of the playable DLC characters. Fans are anticipating more will be revealed in the latest character addition to the game by that time.

So far, the second game installment from NetherRealm Studios has been successful in terms of sales. During its release in May, the game ranked first in the NDP charts. It ranked second in the following month when “Tekken 7” took the top spot.

Injustice 2” is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We will give you more updates about other DLC characters arriving in the game as soon as we get more information. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest trailer of Starfire below, enjoy.