When the Nintendo Switch was launched, consumers were disappointed to know that some of the console’s online functions were very limited. The company informed its buyers that platform’s online matchmaking and communication will be delegated to a separate companion app. This, of course, did not sit well with a lot of gamers who felt that the console’s launch was a rushed deal. Just recently, they have released the official multiplayer control app for both Android and iOS smartphones. However, feedback from several users and critics appear to indicate that there is a glaring problem with their program.

Smartphone required

Unlike other video game systems, Nintendo’s Online App requires users to install the program on a compatible Android or iOS smartphone. It is a fact that communication during multiplayer games is important in order to secure victory over opponents. Yet, Nintendo Switch users are required to launch the app on their mobile phone in order to find matches and talk to their friends. Some industry experts previously predicted that the process seems like a step back for the Japanese firm. Now, it appears that their presumptions were on the ball as critics and gamers have voiced their displeasure with the system.

Obvious problems with the interface

Not being able to directly use a headset with the Joy-Con controller is already considered a hassle in itself, but the game company appears to have skipped the necessary research before they developed their multiplayer system.

The most obvious problem with their process is that it requires the smartphone to be in active mode. Users whose phones automatically enter sleep mode after a few minutes will automatically lose their connection. On their official FAQ, it is explicitly stated that “voice chat cannot run in the background” while other programs actively being used.

Online status and chat problems

Further exploration also reveals that players can only join chat rooms if the game supports the feature. Gamers cannot also connect with their friends if they are not actively in the same game at that moment. It has baffled several critics that Sony and Microsoft have easily integrated a party chat system into their consoles, while Nintendo selected for a clunky option for their online multiplayer interaction.

In comparison, chat programs like Skype and other programs, allow users to continue their voice connection while their app is delegated to the background. It means they can open their SMS, view E-mails and other stuff while still connected with their friends.

Hardware capabilities overblown

Based on the number of negative feedback regarding their multiplayer online app for the Nintendo Switch, it seems like the console is underpowered enough that it cannot integrate its own chat program, unlike the Nintendo Wii U. However, all is not lost as they just need to revisit their code to correctly address the interface issues and all should be. After all, players should be able to toggle other smartphone functions without a connection loss from their friends.