Last month, during the E3 2017 game show, Ubisoft intentionally made it clear that it plans to become one of the big name developers for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s new platform continues to be a hot item as consumers struggle to secure one from retailers. The French publisher also flaunted some proof of their intention to make Games for the Switch. “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle”, which is set to launch this August, is currently being developed for the new game system only. Furthermore, it has been hinted that there are more multi-platform and console-exclusive games in the works as well.

More Nintendo Switch games coming soon

According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, the company is set to announce several games for the Nintendo Switch. It was noted during a recent earnings call that the official reveal for the incoming titles is “quite soon”. The gaming firm was observed to have gone above and beyond to promote their upcoming games last month during the E3 2017 event. Yet, it has not been specified how they plan to approach the intended announcements. There is also a good chance that some of their major games slated to come out for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 might get ported to the new game system.

System sales might change minds

The overwhelming market success of the new game platform has probably resulted in some change of plans.

It is speculated that the Switch’s stellar sales could encourage the developer to release some unplanned games for the console. One of those could include “South Park the Fractured but Whole”, which was never intended to come out for it in the first place. It would be a lost opportunity for the devs to not port the title over.

Another developer, 2K games, also surprised gamers when they confirmed a Switch version of “WWE 2K18” is in the works. While games like “Assassin’s Creed Origins” and “Far Cry 5” require more capable systems, it has been speculated that some fine tuning can possibly port the games to the portable system, given its limited hardware performance.

New IPs could be on the way

It is common for gamers to assume that Ubisoft will only publish games from existing franchises. However, there is also a possible chance that Nintendo Switch owners might receive brand new games. Due to the system’s various configurations, the developer could make games that maximize these gimmicks. Moreover, there are some users who still hope that “Beyond Good and Evil 2” might turn out to be a timed exclusive for the system.