With just a few days before the Pokemon Go Fest, Pokemon Go players almost gave up their hope for a new update. Luckily, Niantic made a surprise announcement that made all players delighted.

New addition to the game

According to Comic Book, the developers of Pokemon Go guaranteed the players that there would be a new in-game badge to those who will attend the Pokemon Go Fest. Although there is no confirmation yet about this badge, the surprise announcement made everyone excited for the event. There will be several additional features for the game.

One of the biggest challenges for a Pokemon Go player is to defend a gym, especially if the gym is in another neighborhood or city. To feed their Pokemon, the gym owner would need to go to the gym location. The new update will allow the players to feed their Pokemon with berries remotely.

Berries are important in increasing the motivation of the creatures. If their Motivation stats are low, they will leave the gym. Although remote feeding is not as efficient as in-person feeding, it can still allow the player to get more Stardust and Gym XP.

No more bugs

The Pokemon Go developers also fixed the bugs which came along with the older update. The frustrating "lost Pokemon," wherein the Pokemon will get lost instead of returning to the gym, was taken care of.

There was also a solution made for the shortened clock during Raid Battles. Once the new update goes live for, Pokemon Go players will have the full 180 seconds back to complete the Raid. The new game update will also allow the players to spin the Photo Disc found in gyms once they were able to defeat a raid. Before the update, players were reportedly locked out of the discs.

More information about the captured Pokemon

The game's developers also added a new and exciting feature. Players can now see the complete information on how they were able to catch their Pokemon. There will now be an added "Pokemon Information Screen" that will show whether the creature was captured in the wild, hatched from the egg, from evolution or caught during a raid.

This new feature raised speculations from Pokemon Go gamers that the developers are planning to add other ways in catching a Pokemon. Acquiring them through gifts, giveaways or trading, similar to the handheld console versions, might already be a possibility.

Now that the developers of the game are making Pokemon Go user-friendly and bug-free, there is a high possibility that previous gamers who quit playing the game will return.