Gamers are still basking in some of the most recent gaming news from E3 2017. While Sony and Nintendo both had notable highlights during their respective press conferences and reveals, Microsoft seems to have generated the most buzz with the official announcement of the Xbox One X. The company has continuously marketed their new 4K-ready game system as the “most powerful console” created.

The new console is geared to officially hit retailers this November with an estimated price tag of $500 USD. Therefore, a lot of consumers are currently considering the advantages and disadvantages before they make a decision to invest in the new platform.

We have gathered some of the relevant factors that might help gamers make an informed verdict.

Hardware and performance

Microsoft has obviously made a lot of promises about the Xbox One X and its hardware capabilities during its showcase last month. Most consumers have also pointed out that the new console’s performance has been likened to that of a high-end PC. Some of the games that were on display evidently flaunted its capabilities and have most likely convinced some players who were still on the fence. However, most gamers are still waiting for concrete evidence regarding the new system’s promise delivering an upgraded experience with existing Xbox One titles.

Additionally, some gamers also argued that those seeking a PC-level quality in terms of performance should just invest on a PC instead.

The Xbox One X boasts a packaged system that delivers great performance and graphics for a fraction of the price, which in itself is already an attractive pitch. Since the new game system aims to take gaming to a greater level, users should expect to invest in a larger storage space and a reliable and fast internet connection given the files sizes expected for the new console.

The 4K bandwagon and conclusion

The Xbox One X has been marketed as a game console designed for true 4K gaming. There have been speculations that some games might event push toward 6K resolution. Consumers who have recently purchased a top-shelf 4K TV and want to get the most out of their new might want to consider Microsoft’s new platform.

Despite their claims that older games will get an upgraded performance, consumers have yet to actually see the feature in action. Meanwhile, buyers hoping to just enjoy watching Ultra 4K Blu-Ray movies can already enjoy the feature with the Xbox One S.

Microsoft has boldly taken the first step towards the next-generation of gaming. They have promised their consumers that the Xbox One X will receive great third-party and first-party game support. Gamers who do not yet own any of the current-gen consoles may want to hold off and wait for more details about the upcoming 4K-ready system. The only factor that deserves careful consideration is its estimated $500 USD price when it is released.