Game developer Gust has recently revealed a new gameplay video of “Nights Of Azure 2,” which gave details to the characters, special editions, and much more.

New gameplay video showcasing characters

The new gameplay video, which can be viewed below, showcased several characters with their signature attacks. It showed the first battle between Alushe and Myubel, which was some sort of a misunderstanding between them. The second part showed a boss battle with Alushe and Ruhenheid Ariarod, and showcased the familiars’ attacks, co-op attacks, and the Lily Burst attack feature.

Premium Box collector’s edition details revealed

In the next scene, it showcased the video game’s collector’s edition version for Japan, which is the Premium Box. The content details were also revealed, which included a lot of interesting and weird items. It has a 3D card that featured Alushe, soundtrack CD with the video game’s OST, an art book that showcased the drafts, premium artwork and more, the bikini DLC for the characters, and the weird B3 poster that has Alushe’s scent that the host specifically revealed.

Platform-specific downloadable content costume details

The gameplay video of “Nights of Azure 2” also showcased some DLC costumes that were exclusive to each platform. For the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita in Japan, owners will get the Millennia costume, which hails from the video game “Kagero: Deception II.” Switch console owners will have the Yuuri Kozukata costume that comes from “Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.”

Gameplay video hosts

The whole live gameplay video showcase was hosted by game producer Keisuke Kikuchi, who is known for his love for bishojo games, and played the video game on the PS4 console.

The video was co-hosted by one of the protagonist’s voice actress, Sayaka Senbongi for Alushe’s voice, and another voice actress Nozomi Furuki for the character Myubel.

New trailer showcases big differences between recent game and predecessor

In another trailer, which can be viewed down below, game publisher Koei Tecmo and the game developer revealed the big differences between “Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon” and the previous title from the series.

It revealed the big improvements from the first one like the story cutscenes and even the 3D models of the characters. It also showcased the new additional gameplay of the latest title that fans and players should expect when it gets released.

Release dates for all regions

The game publisher also revealed the Western release dates, which will be on Oct.

24 in North America and Oct. 27 in Europe, but it will only be released on the PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Japan gets the PS Vita version, which will be released on Aug. 31.

Check out the “Nights of Azure 2” Trailer here: