Microsoft has recently implemented a new update for the Xbox One and it introduced one feature that many fans wanted: custom Gamerpics.

Custom Gamerpics now implemented

After a lot of feedback from the fans of Xbox One, the game company has finally implemented one of its wanted features: custom Gamerpics. Console owners will now be able to create and set their own custom profile pictures for their Xbox Live profile. They can also use a picture and background for their Xbox Club account.

Players who will be using custom images for their Xbox Live profile will have to take note that the pictures they will use will follow Microsoft’s Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

They can upload their own images with the help of a Windows 10 PC, through a smart phone, or through the Xbox One console.

Co-streaming, Mixer tab now available

With the new update for the Xbox One, console owners will now be able to co-stream through the console. They can use the feature with three people and they can broadcast together to make a shared, multi-view streaming video on Mixer. This enables them to make their own co-stream and invite other friends or they can just join a co-stream that another person created through the console.

Console owners only need to select the Invite to co-stream option from their own profile or choose to invite their own entire party to co-stream. For those who get invited, they can just hold the Xbox button in the middle when they see the notification.

They can just get to the broadcasting tab in the Guide while playing a game to start their co-stream video.

The Mixer tab was also introduced to Clubs with this latest update. Members could easily find some live broadcasts by going through the Club home page and find the Mixer tab right away. They can find a long list of Club members that are doing their own live broadcasts.

Signing in automatically with own controller

Console owners sometimes have multiple controllers and other members of the house have their own profiles that sign in. To make it easier for them, they can now assign their specific controllers with their Xbox profiles. Controllers can now be linked with one Xbox profile and when they turn that controller on, they will automatically sign in with that account.

Arena updates and Xbox App update for mobile

The Xbox One update also had some improvements for the Arena, which made it easier to watch the players who are competing and winning the matches. They can now see who is streaming, and they can just launch the Mixer with just one button click. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now browse the game titles in their subscription with the help of the Xbox App and the Android version got a new bonus feature this month with Chat Bubbles.

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