Game developer IO Interactive has recently implemented update 1.12.1 for “Hitman” with big changes and fixes. There is also a new difficulty that all players will have access now.

New update improves Xbox One loading times

The Xbox One players of “Hitman” have been complaining about the long loading times of the video game, which annoyed some players. With this new update, the loading times are now faster this time around, especially when restarting a contract. The game developers have thanked the players who reported this issue earlier.

New difficulty in trying out

The latest update for the video game also changed the unlock criteria for the highest difficulty for players to try out from Mastery level 20 to Mastery level 5. Professional Difficulty will be easier this time around and those who already have Mastery level 5-19 on each location will unlock it automatically after updating the game.

Changes in combat now implemented

IO Interactive also made some combat changes to “Hitman,” specifically changes in combat in order to make it more satisfying and viable for all players. NPC guns this time around had their fire rate decreased and increased the camera snap to target NPC feature for Agent 47. This reduced the damage that he took at long and mid distances, and this also increased his regeneration of health.

The game developers will still monitor these changes and they will also take in the feedback from the players after a few days of the implementation of the new update. They warned that these new changes will not affect the Professional Difficulty and it will still offer the Lethal Combat feature. They revealed that there was a mistake of releasing the first version of the change, which resulted in an exploit that the game community took advantage and called Agent 47 as the Tank 47.

Several fixes introduced with new update

The latest "Hitman" update also fixed several issues that plagued the video game for a while. One of the issues that were fixed was the one that made guards drop their guns that they found on the ground, which was commonly found on The Icon mission.

Another weird and funny that was fixed was the one that could cause the toilet in the Marrakesh school to work weirdly.

After Agent 47 kicks it to the target Zaydan, it would usually result in killing the protagonist in the most unusual way. They also fixed the issue that would cause players to suddenly cancel the connecting prompt and then they would enter the Offline Mode feature.

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