Japanese developer PlatinumGames and publisher Cygames have revealed new character and location details for their upcoming Mobile GameLost Order.” They also revealed a new trailer that showcases the game’s art.

Swashbuckler and novelist Levi Agravane

The game publisher revealed four new characters for the upcoming mobile game and one of them was Levi Agravane, the Swashbuckler who loves to write novels. He is an offensive type of character that uses swords and a bowgun, which is attached to his artificial arm. He continues to write his novels as he goes along his journey, and he is known as the detective knight.

Offensive magic attacker witch Bianca Witecca

Another character with her details revealed was Bianca Witecca, a powerful witch with strong support and offensive magic spells, and she is only 17 years old. She is also a sister to another powerful magician, Dilalia, but she has not been in public recently. She has a lot of pride, but she actually works hard to improve her skills.

Sky pirate Palm Lindberg

The 17 years old sky pirate Palm Lindberg has abilities in offensive and healing by using her powerful magic and sniping skills. While she usually gives her name and emphasizing that she is a sky pirate, she is actually a girl who wants to genuinely become one and loves pirate stories. While she wants to become a pirate for a promise, she actually could not commit crimes to become one.

Baron Ethan Gray Meynard

Ethan Gray Meynard is 49 years old and a baron who specializes in melee combat with a pair of tonfa as weapons. While he is a member of the nobles and one of the top landowners in their nation, he does not like the old traditions of the aristocracy. However, he decided that it was time to succeed in managing their wealth of the family, and he is an important NPC in “Lost Order.”

Location details revealed

Gold Heaven City is the location setting of "Lost Order." This city has gotten a lot of benefits from the development during the age of the gold rush and rapid industrialization.

While it has these big advancements, it is also riddled with pollution and the rich and poor districts have big differences.

In the new trailer, which can be viewed down below, are artworks for the mobile game and it clearly shows the different areas of the city. The upper areas have large buildings and have less pollution, while the middle area is where the commercial and industrial facilities are found. The lower area has the Washpool River that has countless waterfalls, and the base area has different kinds of people like goblins, lizardmen, and much more.

Check out the “Lost Order” video here: