Square Enix released the trailer for the game entitled "Final Fantasy Xii: The Zodiac Age." Along with the trailer, the game is now available for purchase through retail and online stores as well as the official page. The remastered version is something fans should look forward to because the game presents new features that aren't in the old version before. In addition, useful in-game features help players achieve the whole story of the game without any delays----the following are: auto-save feature, Speed mode, remastered soundtracks, surround sound, a Trial mode, and more.

Twitter official page Final Fantasy announced the release of the game along with the video trailer. The Twitter post can be viewed below:

Two game editions

Fans can get the copy of "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age" in two versions. The Day One Edition presents the original and new logo of the title while the Limited Steelbook Edition contains something unique. One Twitter user named AudioVisceral just obtained his own copy of the game and attached a snapshot along with his Twitter post. His post says, "Just got my copy!"

On the other hand, Twitter user named Arashi Mifune posted a T-shirt with the game's logo and the game copy as well.

The post says, "I AM SO READY! <3"

Of course, the user obtained the T-shirt through download and printed it in a T-shirt printing shop. A die-hard fan indeed. Other than the Standard and Limited edition, there is also the Collector's edition for those who want extra benefits.

Collector's edition

The collector's edition contains the following items:

  • A Collector's edition steelbook that contains two discs. One for the copy of the game and the other for the original soundtracks.
  • A detailed and exclusive Judge Magisters bust set that can be displayed.
  • An exclusive 6-card art set of the characters including Basch, Vaan. Balthier & Fran, Ashe, and Penelo. The sixth card art is The World of Ivalice.

Both LImited and Collector's editions contain a background music DLC, which can be played in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

The game is now available for purchase in the West and pre-order in some areas of the world.

With a remastered gameplay and graphics, players delve into something new. A new perspective that presents a whole new game system, especially the real-time combat. In addition, The Zodiac Job System is an improved way to level up characters according to preference. Lastly, Trial Mode allows players to battle monsters consecutively up to 100 while the Speed Mode allows players to traverse the world in a faster pace.