As the scheduled date for the “Destiny 2” beta access comes closer, Bungie has steadily shared new footage, information, and surprises for the sci-fi shooter. This week alone, fans have been spoiled by the developer with new footage showcasing the game’s PVP content. The gameplay video also introduces a new Crucible map that features Felwinter Peak called Vostok. We have read, viewed, and finally compiled several interesting details about the most recent updates about the team-based FPS.

Titan skating still possible

Longtime “Destiny” players who have mainly used the Titan class in the original game should be familiar with “Titan Skating”.

It was a technique used by gamers to quickly move around in the game, thereby making the heavily-armored class one the fastest-moving ones in the game. To perform the move, users must time their jumps and repeatedly boost their characters to fly forward at amazing speeds. In fact, a lot of gamers were surprised to see the usually lumbering Titans flying across the maps at breakneck speeds. Initially, players who have had some hands-on time with “Destiny 2” claimed that Titan Skating is no longer possible. However, the latest footage confirms that it has been brought back into the game.

Sniper rifles with better handling

There were several instances in the latest gameplay video that shows long-distance enemy engagement.

While most PVP players opt to use scout rifles as well as pulse rifles, seasoned players with excellent joystick control rely more on sniper rifles. These weapons are usually slow and have less-than-desirable handling, but the video somehow shows a new lightweight sniper rifle with quick handling.

Extra armor from Healing Rifts

Warlocks in the sequel have a special ability called Healing Rift, wherein they summon a small pool of light that restores health to the player and their allies. The new gameplay footage reveals a new mechanic wherein players with full health gain an additional armor (like Blessing of Light and Flame Shield skills from “Destiny”).

Mantling ledges

Unlike the first game, the sequel adds a new mechanic that allows players to climb up ledges. This action is featured in some FPS games like “Halo 5: Guardians” and gives players more mobility moving around the map. Since Bungie’s sequel will likely feature areas with large gaps that require jumping and boosting, this new option will add another level of gameplay to the shooter.

Shoulder charge nerfed for a reason

Along with other “Destiny 2” rumors, it has been reported that the Striker Titan will no longer have the Shoulder Charge skill. However, the latest videos show that the skill is intact for the subclass but it no longer kills with one hit.

All of these new changes apparently follow Bungie’s intent to rebalance the PVP mode.

Their goal is to remove abilities that can destroy players in one hit. Players can soon get their hands on “Destiny 2” when the beta becomes available next week. The game will officially launch for the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 6, 2017, while PC gamers will have to wait until Oct. 24, 2017.