To have the historic record as the highest Gamerscore on Xbox Live is no easy feat. It literally takes years of hard work and long hours of kicking butt, taking names, and getting precision headshots. And the person who happens to have that honorable title just got overthrown, but he’s oblivious, and responded hilariously on Twitter.

Raymond “Stallion83” Cox, whose Gamerscore is 1,585,894 as of writing, has been surpassed by Stephen “smrnov” Rowe, whose score tally stands at 1,592,280 right now.

Stallion83 has held the title since Achievement-hunting first became a thing, and previously became the first in the world to pass every major Gamerscore milestone, including being the first to pass 1 million Gamerscore in 2014.

A very busy Cox

After the Xbox Live Achievements Twitter account posted that Cox had apparently been overtaken, the avid gamer replied with a gif of a Chris Farley movie, where the character is seen taking off his shirt rather awkwardly.

It’s comical, and somewhat a proof that the only thing that would make an ace gamer like him take the time off is… well, sex. Or marriage. Cox got married recently and took a break for a honeymoon where he got, of course, quite busy. In the interim, smrnov supercharged.

Rowe takes the lead

Acknowledging his mint status, Rowe wrote on his blog to thank everyone who congratulated him, noting that it was never his intention to overtake Cox. He’s happy with his new achievement, though, and said that unlike Cox, he won’t go for the Guinness World Record.

Rowe also took time to answer some questions, in which he clarified that he had not been sponsored or given anything free of charge.

“I buy all my own games and memberships (Xbox Live, EA Pass, TA Sub),” he wrote. “I did get an Xbox One when they were launched and Xbox Canada did give me a bunch of swag when I did the 1 million live at their booth at FanExpo in Toronto.”

According to GameSpot, Cox had said he intends to pass 2 million. At this point, the race may be heading to reach that number, with Cox in the new position of chasing it from the second place.

Rowe said he never had a deal, or in his words, a “gentleman’s agreement” that he’d stay number two, but it looks like both gamers are back on track, despite juggling work and family life. As of July 4, both Rowe and Cox have unlocked a couple of achievements.

Xbox fans are now keeping a close eye on both gamers, to see if Cox will somehow reclaim what's formerly his. Rowe is thousands of points ahead at this point, and only time will tell if the former champ takes the lead again.